Goal Setting for & Journaling Your Personal Yoga Journey - Your Week in Yoga:

Even saying the words ‘goals’ and ‘yoga’ in the same sentence can be controversial to some yogis.

But out there in the real world, most of us operate pretty instinctively in a goal-orientated fashion. Especially when we are starting something new, either outright or in our approach.

This eBook and journal is designed to help you create, work towards, and achieve your personal goals when it comes to your yoga practice in a nourishing, kind and sustainable way.

It covers:

How to set goals in yoga: 4 different approaches and how to work out which is best for you

How to make your goals work FOR you rather than against you

How to evaluate your progress in a healthy and compassionate way

How to make this process work for you over the long-term

A weekly journal template for you to fill in over the next 12 months

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The biggest challenge most people face when it comes to yoga is sticking with it. Progress can be slow and frustrating. Not least of all because us humans love to compare ourselves to each other. And between classes and Instagram, that’s very easy to do when it comes to yoga!

This eBook and journal provides a path to working through and beyond all that.

Give it a try.

It’s EXACTLY what has worked for me.

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