A Guide to Practicing Yoga, Pregnant:

This is my rational and less alarmist take on yoga and pregnancy.

There is, in my opinion, a huge amount of negativity and scaremongering about women and movement in pregnancy, and lots of unsubstantiated opinion masquerading as fact in the yoga-in-pregnancy advice out there too.

So as well as the distillation of all my own personal experience of practicing yoga through every stage of my pregnancy, this eBook contains the results of copious amounts of research I did into what the actual scientific research says. And what it doesn’t: which is a lot!

It covers:

A brief introduction to the scientific research

Answers to the most asked questions about yoga and pregnancy, including flexibility, injuring yourself and the baby and which poses are ‘safe’.

A trimester by trimester crib sheet to refer to when you are in doubt

My own Top Tips for this whole magical/mind-blowing/confusing experience

As well as bonus section where we take a more in depth look at the scientific research that has been conducted on yoga in pregnancy

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Maintaining some level of yoga through-out my pregnancy has been a true gift. And I hope this book supports you to find a way that works for you to do the same.

No guilt, no shame, no hard and fast rules. Because there are no hard and fast answers when it comes to yoga in pregnancy. Just what works for you.

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