My Week in Yoga: Back in Business

So my couple of weeks back in real life after my big trip away turned into totally madness, not helped by two weekends away at weddings on the trot. So please forgive me for skipping MYIY posts for those, otherwise I feel like I am never going to catch up! The below therefore is for the last week of September, i.e last week… 

And it was a good week. A good good week. Yoga wise at least. Back up to meaningful practices more days than not, which was so so hard when traveling. The rest of life seems to be going to little off plan at the moment so to have this anchor to come back to really came into its own.


After work self-practice was the order of the day. 55 delicious minutes while it was still warm enough to have the doors open and the late summer breeze in my (frizzy! Hello Humidity!) hair. I strangely felt like doing a chunk of balancing poses, even though my balance had seemingly deserted me. It’s a strange beast isn’t it?!


I had planned for another evening self-practice, but got held up at work so this became a no yoga day.


After moaning about all the level 2/3 classes in LA not being challenging enough, I went to a new level 2 flow class back here in London which absolutely kicked me into next week! 90mins of one breath one movement, and one quick breath at that. Pose pose pose pose pose. And handstands. And dropbacks. And arm balances. And and and.

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve taken a child’s pose in a class: well I made up for it several times over in this class. And then it started raining during savasana. Big fat heavy raindrops plopping down on the roof, beating a drum of calmness for us all. I needed a practice like this so so much. Isn’t it funny how they turn up at exactly the moment you need them the most?


No yoga


75min Rocket yoga class after work. This is my new favourite way to end the working week. It’s level 2 class, so I always find it challenging, and it provides such a perfect bookmark to the craziness of work and the coming chill of the weekend. 


75min Rocket yoga class. I hadn’t been able to make it to this class for over two months, and it’s one of my favourites. So needless to say I was a very happy bunny to get this back in the diary. I felt strong, and flexible, and happy to have great teachers in my life.


This was meant to be my 3rd Rocket class in three days, and after faffing about and seriously considering staying in bed, I turfed myself out of my duvet cocoon only to find that the trains were down and Uber was on 2x surge pricing. I don’t mind paying or traveling for yoga classes, but this seemed a bit extreme so another self-practice was in order. 

Lots of sun salutations and lots of standing backbends. I am psyching myself up to do dropbacks to wheel unsupported… my Saturday Rocket teacher has me doing them with him… but alas I couldn’t quite muster up the requisite fearlessness today. Maybe next week hey? 65min.

  • Self-Practice: 2hrs
  • Classes: 4hrs  
  • TOTAL: 6hrs  
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