My Week in Yoga: Two Week Catch-Up

I’m going to blame a busy busy two weeks on the non-yoga front for another missed week on the blogging front, but I promise I am going to get back to posting here on a regular basis going forward.


What did the past couple of weeks look like yoga-wise? In short, very biased towards self-practice, and very light on the class side of things, teaching aside.

After my month stepping back from things mainly for health/tiredness/general life madness reasons, I’ve been so glad to get back into a stronger practice. However, I have been careful about not pushing too hard and simply blowing myself up all over again. Which is all much easier to manage when you are in charge of your own movements and pace. Sure, if I was a little less alpha maybe I could do this in a class setting. But, I’m not! And I didn’t want to run the risk of my worst self getting the better of me.

So one class in two weeks it was – an awesome 75min level 2 Rocket class at that. I felt so strong and connected to my breath, and it showed. Firstly in my asana, which was steady and calm, but even more so in my savasana. Present yet totally blissed out and relaxed. A rare and magical moment indeed.

Meanwhile, I managed 3 self-practices at work over the two weeks, two big 90min #selfpracticesunday sessions, two fun pre-teaching prep sessions of about an hour each (sequencing and warming up), and a smattering of 5-10min end-of-day downward dog – childs pose – gentle stretch out sessions on the days I hadn’t stepped on my mat. 

The short sessions aside, these were all medium to high intensity. One of the interesting things I’ve learned over these past couple of months or so is that my natural binary approach to life of course (!) shows up in my yoga practice as well. I thought I had managed to have one area remain remarkably untouched by this, mais non! I’m either 100% in or 100% out. I’d rather not practice at all than practice something that looks like a restorative class. [Sorry to all you guys that love a restorative class, but it’s just not me, or at least it’s not me at this point in my life]. Sure, some of these sessions included 20+ sun salutations, and others included none at all. But there were all still fairly dynamic albeit some at a slower pace or with a focus more on floor based asana for example.

I am sure there will be a point in my life where this is decidedly not the case and I fully embrace the restorative/yin vibe wholeheartedly. But that day is not today my friends!

  • Self-Practice: ~8hrs 30min
  • Classes: 75min
  • TOTAL (for two weeks): ~9hrs 45min
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