My Week in Yoga: Travel Not Asana

This weekend's trip to Oslo for a friends wedding was either my penultimate travel weekend before the baby comes, or my final one, depending on how brave/far away from giving birth I am come 35-36 weeks. Either way, it was a perfect final trip full of friends, sunshine, great food and lots and lots of wedding good vibes.

The flip side however was a short week and thus incredibly busy week at work, and a jam-packed weekend, so time on my mat was minimal.

And by minimal I mean what I would easily flex out on a normal Sunday afternoon, even 6 months pregnant.

Hey-ho, it was totally worth it!


No yoga.


No yoga.


A rare occurrence indeed today: a weekday morning practice! I am pretty open about my general aversion to mornings, and that holds true even when it comes to yoga I'm afraid. I just need a lot of time to wake up - mind and body - so morning practice basically never feels natural to me. But after events overtook my Monday and Tuesday, and knowing what the rest of the week had in store, pigs flew and I dragged myself out of my bed and on to my mat.

1 hour later and how glad I was. Some of the most creative sequences I've managed for a while came out of nowhere (its HARD to be creative when so many of your normal poses and transitions are off the menu), my pincha - with a wall for safety - was relatively solid, and my backbends felt delicious. What a treat indeed.


No yoga today either.


We had to get up viciously early to make our flight (4.30am!) and despite sleeping all the way (I am the QUEEN of napping it must be said - anytime, any place, anywhere) I was still exhausted once we arrived. So my original ambitions to have a full practice in our airBnB were swiftly shelved and a second blissful nap of the day took most of its place. I did manage a shortened session however, just 20 minutes getting the post-nap, post-flight, post busy-week-at-work, and post very-little-yoga practice few days out of my system.

Simple flows and a few pregnancy fails (which you can see here), both brain and body. Such is life for me these days.


Today was a post wedding recovery / sight-seeing day - Oslo is totally gorgeous in the sunshine by the way. So after clocking up some 20,000 steps it was another 20 minute session before heading out for dinner.


Travelling home plus general laziness meant today was another no yoga day.

  • Self-Practice: 1hr 40min
  • Classes: 0
  • TOTAL: 1hr 40min