My Week in Yoga: The Power of Low Expectations

I had pretty much written off this week yoga wise. The awful cold/lurgy that struck me at the end of last week got worse not better, and the crazy hot weather was enough to keep me stationary even without that.

But a rest is as good as a change isn't it?!


Bank Holiday: yay! 28c in London in May: double yay! 29 weeks pregnant therefore both overheating and unable to join in the rosé drinking: boo! Being full of cold and generally feeling bluerrghhh: double boo!

Needless to say, today was a no yoga day.




Feeling much better, but it's always sensible to take one more day just to make sure. No yoga therefore.


First time back on my mat... just 20 minutes of gentle movement. My hips, quads and lower back both needed this sorely and sorely felt it.


Busy day at work plus busy evening catching up with friends (trying to fit in as much time with everyone while leaving the house isn't a military manoeuvre!) meant no yoga today.


Today definitely should have been a yoga day. And I'm not really sure what to say as to why it wasn't. Laziness... pregnancy... a day full of brunch and pram shopping and much needed naps. All would be valid reasons, but I'm pretty sure those weren't it. I guess I kind of lost my mojo. Which again is a lovely way of making it look like I have a reason when really I don't at all. But hey, it's all I have right now.


After the previous day, no correction, the previous week, I had low, LOW expectations for today. Which felt pretty justified when the clock struck 6pm and I still hadn't even looked at my mat.

But that was clearly the lesson from all of this.

Because I did step on my mat. And I, of course, had the most wonderful practice! 40 minutes feeling balanced and strong and dare I say it, graceful. It was pure and utter bliss.

  • Self-Practice: 1hr
  • Classes:   0
  • TOTAL:  1hr