My Week in Yoga: Surprises, Speeches And One-2-Ones

Let’s get straight to it this week as there is no way to neatly summarise the week that was this time around…


Me and mornings generally do not mix. No matter how fun my plans, Monday’s do make that even more true. So imagine my surprise when I found myself with a spare 20mins on this grey and cold specimen, AND the will power to be on my mat rather in my warm and toasty bed.

My practice wasn’t fancy, or sweaty (hair & make-up done for work was NOT getting messed up!) but it felt good. Little and often is invariably more powerful, and possible, than going hard/large once or twice a week. I know this to be true, but am (still) working on bringing this back into my practice after getting a little off-piste over the past couple of months. 


10mins of quick downward dogs and childs poses after a long and intense day at work. 


No yoga today.


No asana today, but gosh I feel like I did YOGA. 

Today I did my very first speaking event

I will be one of the speakers at HubDot’s 5 year anniversary event. I briefly shared my story: my story of career and of yoga.  And ultimately discussed my belief that we have a right to live as many lives as we want: that passions and careers and family should go side by side, hand in hand. We shouldn’t have to choose. But we do have to choose to change our culture to allow people to do both, or more, together. Especially in the corporate world.

Thinking about posting my full speech… would you guys be interested in seeing it?!


Had plans to go to my level 2 Rocket class but exhaustion and laziness got the better of me, so naps on the sofa it was. Am blaming all the previous day’s excitement obviously.


This was an unusual one for me. I had an hour one-on-one with a teacher who’s experience I need at the moment. And I learned SO MUCH. I will explain (probably next week) what and why, but for now I will just say how valuable it is to seek out specialist expertise when you need it. And to accept that you need different guidance at different points in your practice and in your life. 

I then sequenced and warmed up for teaching my class: 45min.


A delightful 2 hours of practice spread gently across the day.. 30 odd minutes before breakfast and then a full 90min in the afternoon. #SelfPracticeSunday is fast becoming my favourite day of the week. 

Lots of gentle movement to work out some of the kinks from what turned out to be a pretty heavy yoga day on Saturday if I include the 90min class I taught. 

Then the afternoon became a much more traditional affair: sun sals, standing poses, inversions, messing around with new poses (hello flying compass and what would become a transformation Tuesday post for the following week which went a bit viral!) some gentle backbending

  • Self-Practice: 3hrs 15min
  • Classes: 1hr   
  • TOTAL: 4hrs 15min  
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Camilla - 15th February 2018

Would love to see your full speech!

Kelly - 15th February 2018

Please post your speech! As a beginner yogi, mom of 3 boys (+a pup named Eddie) with a big, very full time career in a male dominated field, it will likely be a gloriously satisfying read for me!

Heidi - 15th February 2018

Rad, please share your speech! Like the next girl, struggling to juggle getting up and 6am and coming back just after 6pm to stay motivated and do some yoga. My mind is all out there like go, it’s good for you, but body just won’t leave the sofa … preparing dinner, eating with my fiancé and next thing I know – it’s 10pm and time to go to bed … need your speech to kick myself!

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