My Week in Yoga: Self-Practice Self-Practice Self-Practice

Another self-practice heavy week. I can see some clouds clearing on the diary and energy horizon so am pretty excited about the prospect of getting back to more than one class a week, hopefully from next week, but for now, self-practice it (mostly) is.


Today was 15 minutes of downward dogs, childs poses and loads of lizard lunges before bed. And a cheeky headstand because inversions are life right?!


No yoga today.


No yoga today.


A friend and I went on a little yoga & dinner date to a class I haven’t been to in forever. 75min dynamic vinyasa (followed by dim sum!) hat turned out to be at a wonderfully slow pace due to the full moon. But slow definitely did not translate to easy mind you. Lots of long, deep holds peaking at flying pigeon (which I got higher than ever before) and compass pose (which I’ve never even tried before and kind of slotted into like a dream).

If you are reading this you’ll know that my class attendance has plummeted these past few of months so I’m even more precious about the classes I do go to. Which invariably means I am not trying anything new at the moment as I don’t want to ‘waste’ a session on something I don’t like. This class reminded me that this is not necessarily the best approach: getting out and trying new things is almost always a good idea. As in yoga, as in life right?!


Family commitments meant my normal post work class was off the cards this week, so instead I snuck in cheeky 30mins of self-practice. Nothing fancy


Pre-teaching warm ups and sequencing. 45mins of mostly hips hips hips. 

I so enjoyed the class I took on Thursday that I took it as inspiration and had flying pigeon as my peak pose. My students all did so well – with the pose and with keeping a sense of humor. That’a 99% of the battle when learning new things anyway right?!


My favourite at the moment: self practice Sunday. 

This was 90 minutes of a warm-up, a little bit of flowing, then lots of running through different things I am working on. Today that was jump-through and backs, pincha, and some other bits and pieces. 

Sometimes my self-practice looks like a mini (or not so mini) class. Other days it is much more bitty and experimental. Just doing what feels right on any given days means you’ll end up doing LOTS of different things on all of those days.

  • Self-Practice: 3hrs  
  • Classes: 1hr 15min  
  • TOTAL: 4hrs 15min 
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