My Week in Yoga: Running Out Of Steam

2017 has been a crazy year. 

And I think it’s finally catching up with me.

Between prepping for my yoga teacher training, actually doing a full 200 hour training in the space of only three weeks, and now starting to teach, my non-yoga life has also ratcheted up to an entirely different level. Which I am absolutely loving. But two weeks before my first proper holiday of the year, I am starting to run out of steam. So there will be less time on my mat for now. Most of the time adding yoga to the list makes doing everything else on the list easier, but sometimes it doesn’t. And now is one of those rare times. 


45min vinyasa class at work. 


No yoga today.


45min self-practice at the work gym.


Another busy day + recovering from a client night out = rest day.


Had plans to go to an evening Rocket class, but got home from work and just couldn’t face leaving the house again. So this was another rest day.


Back to my normal Saturday Rocket class. My intention at the start of practice was “kindness”, and I did a pretty good job of maintaining that through the 85min class. We did some floor based back bends so I had a chance to work on my full bow, which is always fun.


Sequencing workshop with the one and only Celest Pereira. To be honest, I had kind of forgotten about this, and given my general state of exhaustion the thought of a last minute cancellation had crossed my mind. But after a very chill Saturday, an early night, and a promise to be kind to myself, off I toddled. 

And I am so so glad I did.

The day was 9am-4pm, with a break for a wonderful lunch from the delectable Kimberly Parsons. We kicked off with a mini class from Celeste and then spent the day creating our own flows and teaching them, all based around really great ideas and games Cel kept throwing at us. I knew I was going to love Celest after my teacher Dylan spoke so highly of her, but she was even better in real life. So don’t be surprised if you see me stalking her classes as soon as I get some control back over my schedule!

Anyway, I’m not really sure how to account for this… so am going to put down 2hrs, 1 in Self and 1 in Dynamic and call it quits for this week.

  • Self-Practice: 1hr 45min
  • Classes: 3hrs 10min  
  • TOTAL: 4hrs 55min
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Harman Singh - 19th August 2017

First of all, i loved this article, its comprehensive and lets you know everything about what a regular person goes through when they start yoga on a serious note, and it is all so true.
With this comment, i would also like to take the opportunity to let you guys know about this event that I’m headed to in October. It’s the International Yoga Festival, being held in Mysore, Karnataka, and i was hoping to meet you and maybe your protégés could also join the festival. It’s going to be amazing.

Yvonne - 27th August 2017

Thanks for the summary of Celest’s sequencing workshop. Were there any eye-opening situations for you? And what were the highlights you learned? Will you do anything specifically different after what you learned that day? Thanks in advance and have a great Sunday!

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