My Week in Yoga: A Quiet One

This was one of the quietest yoga weeks I’ve had since I was away at the end of the summer.

It wasn’t planned; rather a mixture of work commitments and feeling under the weather made it so. But such is life sometimes.

Just a few months ago I would have kept on pushing despite all of this, but now more than ever is a time where I need to let go in the short term to maximize over the long term.


25 minutes of self-practice after work, Iyengar style. Long holds, alignment focused, 5min headstand.


90 minute level 2 vinyasa class. Super sweaty, nice sequencing, and a teacher who was still really focused on form and breath. I’ve really been struggling to find level 2 vinyasa classes which inspire me, and this is the nearest I’ve got in a while. Still though, any recommendations you have for creative dynamic classes in London are always welcome in the comments!


I hosted a big client event tonight (silly season has begun!) so no yoga today.


10 minutes. Down dogs. Childs poses. Lizard lunges. Didn’t feel like moving much today so I didn’t. 


Plans for an evening yoga class went out of the window when my work day went several hours late. All for good reasons though am still chalking this up as a good day. 


Normally on Saturday’s I stay in bed until the very last moment before my Rocket class, but something got me up and onto my mat early today. I spent a lovely 25min flowing, and sections of these sequences became the foundation for the class I taught in the afternoon (which I had to make an extra special one as I sold out – again – and because my bestie trekked all the way from Hackney to take it).

Then every one of my 75mins of Rocket was a delight. I was feeling somewhat wobbly on my feet for reasons that became evident some 18 hours later, but my pincha and arm balances were surprisingly solid. My dropback is really coming on, but I cannot for the life of me get back up on my own. Yet. 


I had all sorts of plans for a long self-practice today. I did a new playlist for the class I taught yesterday and I was so looking forward to flowing to it myself. But alas, the universe had other plans for me. Plans that mostly involved laying on the sofa and feeling sorry for myself: upset stomachs and yoga do not mix. 

  • Self-Practice: 1hr
  • Classes:  2hrs 45min  
  • TOTAL: 3hrs 45min  
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Linda - 28th November 2017

Would you consider putting your playlist on the blog or making it available on Spotify? I would love to hear it.

Sam - 24th December 2017

I love how real and honest you are!!

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