My Week in Yoga: Pretty Darn Good

After saying last week 'wasn't the normal', this one panned out nearly exactly the same. I had zero time to get to any of my usual classes at work, so I tried some new ones at my local studio and topped those off with lots of home practice. I love that the study and practice of yoga can be this flexible. It is truly what you make it. And this week I think I made it pretty darn good. My pincha is coming on massively (including my first ever time trying on the concrete kitchen floor that was the reason I broke my collarbone a second time) and all the hot weather is showing itself beautifully through lots of progress on the flexibility side as well...


60min power flow class after work, followed by 20 more minutes at home working on my backbends. Which sounds like a good start to the week, and it was, but I felt I had to make up for the fact that I set my alarm to get up and practice before work and snoozed my way through the entire hour. Whoops!


Didn't feel like getting up early (again!) so 20min of post work flows were all I managed today. Doors open, warm evening air on my face, nothing fancy, but just what I needed.


First time I actually got out of bed when my early morning yoga alarm went off - yay! And I had a really good practice. Lots of sun salutations, lots of heat building, long sequences and headstand press reps. 50min flowing, plus 10min of pincha practice in the garden.


Finally nailed Eka Hasta Bhujasana (Elephant's Trunk Pose) to Astavakrasana (eight angle pose) to EPK2 to Chinstand. Getting arm balance transitions nailed really brings a new level of fun to the strength side of practice for me. This particular sequence was something I cracked in YTT  but I hadn't been able to replicate at home. Until today! 45min flowing (inc 5min of pincha work) at home before work.


Evening rocket class. 60min of sweltering intensity. Not really long enough for a rocket class in my humble opinion, but the teacher really went for it with getting us to try inversions at every opportunity. My in class pincha is really coming on: exciting times!


60min vinyasa flow class. Wasn't expecting a huge amount, of myself or the class to be honest, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Again the teacher gave lots of space for trying our own variations so I managed to do a couple of really good (if I do say so myself!) pincha's, and then full flipped grip eka pada raja kapotasana aka king pigeon! I only managed this pose once on YTT, and that was with my teacher assisting me into it. And I mean A LOT of assisting! And now I can do it myself, even without a prop under my hips. Which totally blows my mind because my tight hips are (were?!) a feature of my life that I was starting to accept might never change. WOW! Got home and did another 30mins, just to see if I could do it all again. Which I could. Double WOW! So took full advantage and filmed a nice video as well as snapping some exciting 'after' shots for new transformation comparisons which I will post on Instagram over the next week or two.


Another morning 60min vinyasa class. It was crazy crazy hot in London today (32c!) so this was far too much like a hot yoga class than is tolerable for me, but on days like this I need to go to a class. As lets be honest, there is zero chance I am pushing myself through a full practice at home when the call of the garden is so strong!!

  • Self-Practice: 2hrs 45min
  • Dynamic Classes: 4hrs
  • Flex Focused Classes: 0
  • TOTAL: 6hrs 45min
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