My Week in Yoga: Lie Ins & Classes

This was the first week in 2017 that I didn’t get up even once to practice before work. I didn’t quite plan it that way, but the fact it happened suggests that I needed the rest. 


20min pincha practice after work. Playing around with hollowbacks and my first ever attempts at scorpion.


Signed up for a 60min Rocket class. Ended up with a substitute teacher and the most gentle vinyasa flow class I have done in a long time. This was definitely a lesson is the dangers of expectations. And the remarkable impact that doing 5 chaturanga push ups in every vinyasa will do to make any class pretty darn intense. 


60min Iyengar at work. Simple but effective – loads of standing postures mean hello hamstrings!

In the evening, I spent 20min flowing with my new friend Adell who is staying with me for a few days. It was so much fun to flow together in the tiny space at the end of my kitchen that barely feels big enough for me most of the time. 


Rest day.


A cancelled client lunch meant DOUBLE YOGA! What a rare and welcome treat. First up was a 60min flow class at work. This class, this teacher, really made me fall in love with vinyasa but I haven’t been able to make it to this class in nearly 3 months. So I basked in this very special teacher’s light and came out glowing.

After work I dashed to a 75min Rocket class in Soho. Where I fell out of a pincha, and I mean I full fall, not a neat tuck and roll. And it was fantastic. Yep, fantastic. I’ve been really afraid to properly fall in class and it’s meant that there is veritable gulf between my at home and in class pinchas. But I survived, and got straight back up and did a really strong pose. Take that fear!!


Back at my semi-regular 75min Rocket class. When the teacher said I pincha nailed, I would have done a double take if it wasn’t for the fact I was upside down! Also seeing lots of progress with my jump through/backs. Can pretty much get my feet through both ways, but struggling with getting back to chaturanga. More practice needed clearly.


90min Rocket class with my yoga friend Es. Super fun class, with another chance to try my hollowback pincha. 

  • Self-Practice: 1hr
  • Dynamic Classes: 5hrs
  • Flex Focused Classes: 1hr
  • TOTAL: 7hrs
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Rosie - 25th July 2017

Love your blog. I’ve been following you on IG and are an inspiration to me, not only with my own practice, but with personal goal setting. Thank you for being you.

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