My Week in Yoga: Just Nice

I don’t know what to say about last week apart from the fact it wa really nice. Nothing special or different or dramatic. No crazy breakthroughs or scary injuries. But every session on my mat just ended it a little satisfied beam on my face. Because it was all so nice


Rest day. 


50min self-practice in the work gym before a client event. This turned out to be a pretty strong practice, full of sun sals, and some good inversioning. Which was probably something to do with a girl next to me doing a Kayla Itsines workout and absolutely smashing it! I felt all inspired by her show of strength clearly.

Though I have to say that it made me very very glad that I never have to do “a workout” or “reps” or whatever flavour of punishment a gym instructor is dishing out. When I am feeling strong my practice is strong, when I’m not, it’s not. Today was a strong day for sure. 


Tried out a different class today. 75min Ashtanga with a teacher I haven’t practiced with before. He had a really great vibe, and with only three of us in the room we got lots of attention. However he was a total ujjayi militant. I mean total. And with only three of us in the room I couldn’t freeride off anyone else’s noise.

So ujjayi it was.Even though I really really really do not like to practice with a a forced breath. I don’t force my body into postures so why would I force my breath?

Anyway, it’s always worth checking in on something you didn’t like in the last to see whether your opinion has changed.

And drumroll please…Mine when it comes to ujjayi has… not!


20mins gentle mat time before going to bed. Nothing too fancy, plus lots of cat cuddles. 


75min Rocket class with my friend teaching. What a treat! I got lots of assists, and two spots in handstand so walked out of there on cloud nine. A happy Friday night indeed.  


Up early for a 60min Rocket class. It wasn’t too crazy of vibe today (aside from lots of pincha time) so I had some energy later in the day to rock out a 30min self practice as a warm up to teaching my class later in the day. Long hold headstands and pike presses got me there nicely. 


Self Cat Sunday became self-practice Sunday. 75 glorious minutes. My triceps were protesting after yesterday’s efforts on the pincha and headstand front so strangely for me this contained zero sun salutations. And it still felt amazing.  

  • Self-Practice: 2hrs 55min 
  • Classes: 3hrs 30min  
  • TOTAL: 6hrs 25min 
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Kelly - 3rd November 2017

So pleasant to hear your opinion on ujjayi breath. I’m new to practicing, only 14 mos., and I’ve wondered if I’d ever get comfortable forcing my breath!

Alisa Kyle - 4th November 2017

Do you always begin your self practice with sun sals? Starting to do more on my own at home but am not experienced to know how to really structure my practice….always looking for ideas 🙂

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