My Week in Yoga: Enough Is Enough


What. A. Week.

Four crazy crazy days at work combined with a long weekend in Italy for a dear friend’s wedding meant that I did the least yoga in these past 7 days than the whole of 2017. But that is just life sometimes. I still managed to get on my mat 5 out of 7 days, and I got to live a reminder that a few minutes is enough. That I and my intentions are enough. 


45min vinyasa class at work. Loads of balancing poses and drills meant I stoked up some real inner heat to kick off the week.


Getting home very late and having a million thoughts zapping through my mind meant I expected the quick 20 minutes I could carve out of day before tumbling into bed to be a wash. Instead, I found myself immediately surrendering to the practice in a way I haven’t done in a while. Creative flows and total focus were the rewards. What a lucky human I am to have this practice in my life. 


Up early to get 25 minutes on my mat before work and an evening out with clients. Arm balances were the flavour of the day. Power is always my friend in a morning practice. Cannot imagine the day when it is flexibility!


Another busy day + client night out= a rest day.


Precisely 12 minutes, yes a whopping 12, once we arrived at our little AirBnB in Tuscany. 50% warm up and 50% sun saluations. Simple but effective. 


Unexpectedly ended up agreeing to teach the gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids a class in the morning before the ceremony. What an honour! So I got up a little early to work on a flowing gentle sequence that would suit beginners, without mats, practicing in the already hot early morning sunshine, with a big day ahead of them. 45min.


Erm. What can I say? Maybe just that a 4am finish, a 40c+ heatwave, and a few vineyards to visit strangely turned out to be incompatible with yoga. Do I regret that fact? Not for one single second! This was a weekend to remember indeed.

  • Self-Practice: 1hr 42min
  • Classes: 45min  
  • TOTAL: 2hrs 27min