My Week in Yoga: Downtime and Workshops

This was a fairly mixed week for me practice wise. Falling asleep when I had planned to get on my mat, being foxed by my ever changing body as I tick through my 8th month of pregnancy, and the finishing off on the massive high of teaching a workshop.

Highs and lows in practice, as highs as lows in life. You just keep on going regardless don't you? Or at least, that's what the practice shows you is possible.


Left work, fell asleep on the sofa for 90min. No yoga today!


Hubby got back from a 5 day trip today so this evening was us hanging out, without a yoga mat in sight.


Tonight was a client dinner night, and I totally over-ate. So even though I was home early, there was no way I could even look at my mat, forget about hang out in a downward dog. That would have been messy indeed. So no yoga today. 


When I was teaching my regular class, I would really encourage people not to have a water bottle next to their mat, and to be in the right layers for the whole class (except savasana), and to tie their hair back properly at the start.

Because we all love to seek distraction when we get uncomfortable. And messing around with water/clothing/hair is the perfect way of looking busy while taking a break in the middle of a hard class.

But this is the worst way of taking a break... because you are not being honest with yourself. We should each take as many breaks as we need in ANY class - child's pose is an important posture not a cop out. But it should be a conscious decision. Admit that you need a breather, or that pose isn't right for you today, or whatever it is. That’s learning, that’s putting yourself beyond ego. Saying to yourself that you need to re-tie your hair when actually it's just fine, is not.

But somewhat hilariously at the moment, my internal thermostat is slowly going haywire (hello being 8 months pregnant!), so I am spending increasing amounts of time in my practice opening/closing the doors and/or putting on/taking off layers and/or getting a drink. Which feels a bit like karmic justice after all my lecturing to my students. Even though I do stand by my opinion!

Anyway, this was a fetching-water and door-opening littered 25 minutes, with lots of backbends - camel and dancers - which haven't been a huge feature for me recently. 


A quick 15min at the end of a long day at work... it was incredibly humid in London so I have zero energy for anything else. I seriously don't know how you hot yogi's do it: the heat KILLS my drive to practice.


A nice slow Saturday meant a nice simple self-practice. Just 20mins. Lot of balancing postures to start, some crow and headstand holds for strength, and seated postures for some flexibility work at the end. 


My final workshop before the baby comes and what a treat it was... 35 yogi's, 2.5 hours of talking about and living yoga self-practice. After a morning of nursery sorting out and an afternoon of this, I was absolutely shattered. So my plans for an evening practice went out of the window. However I did manage to sneak in some flows myself in the workshop - mainly because it's really hard to assist people when they aren't flowing to a sequence you already know! And judging by the sore glutes I woke up to the next day, I clearly made the most of it. Reckon I did about 20min aside from any demoing.

  • Self-Practice: 1hr 20min
  • Classes:   -
  • TOTAL:  1hr 20min