My Week In Yoga: Back In Blighty

Back home after a wonderful week away. The cats were very pleased to see us (and we felt the same of course), and it was even better to see them back to being best buds after Noodle's disgust at Zeppelin coming home from the vet and not smelling right. 

So this is how I got back into the swing of things...


No yoga today... just getting back into work and life.


30min of after-work flows. Reasonably dynamic but I was so so wobbly it became more of a test of my patience than a test of my strength or fitness. Not sure whether this is a pregnancy thing or not (I am now 22 weeks, which means at the very beginning of my 6th month), but it's always a good lesson to (re)learn every now again. Especially if its going to be one I face at lot more over the next 4 months!


Another 30min of after-work flows, but much more chilled than the previous day. 


Busy day but a need to move meant today was a 5 minute yoga day. Just before bed. The ever trusty down dog to childs pose variations. 


Plans for a pre-dinner-with-friends yoga class disintegrated when a couple of things came up at work. To be honest, I wasn't too disappointed in the end. I was feeling pretty sluggish for some reason so taking it easy and saving my energy for my friends was probably the right answer.


Workshop time! Teaching not taking; sharing my love for a vinyasa self-practice and my belief that anyone can gain the confidence to have this gift in their lives.

Me and my team of yogis had 3 hours together and I had a fair amount of time on my mat during that, but more importantly I took 30 odd minutes before I left the house to warm-up and simply find my own flow. Reminding myself of the fact that I do have something to share on this topic. 


Double yoga day. I did have some ambition for it to be a triple with the lighter, longer evenings upon us (daylight savings time is the best) as I love love love to practice in the evenings. But a wonderful lunch out and some TLC for the husband after he came back from a stag weekend put paid to that.

The first of my two sessions was a 15min warm-up, headstand, and mini-flow before breakfast. The second, was a much more dynamic affair. Sun sals, a few different main flows, pincha practice (with a wall, don't worry!), backbends (including wild thing to wheel and back which I haven't tried in forever), finishing up with eka pada raja katpotasana (king pigeon pose) and some more hip opening. 75min of yoga that almost felt like before I was pregnant. Almost. 

  • Self-Practice: 3hrs 35min 
  • Classes: zero  
  • TOTAL: 3hrs 35min  
Follow along on my yoga journey with my weekly posts chronicling my yoga practice.
Follow along on my yoga journey with my weekly posts chronicling my yoga practice.