My Week In Yoga: A Full Week

After babymooning and Easter, last week's full and busy week at work was a bit of a culture shock for my body. Which lead to a quiet few days on my mat.

But rather than fight it, I (remarkably for me) let it be, and the pay off was a really strong and long Sunday practice.

I am slowly getting better at listening to my body. Slowly.


20 minutes of an after-work hip love-in. Aside from protecting the bump from being squished or fallen on, the only other part of my practice that I am religiously committed to modifying is anything to do with my pelvis. I felt it start to move in not the best way back when I was around 16 weeks along (vs. the 25 I am now) so now I am very, very careful about what movements I do and don't. Even in a hip focused flow. 


No yoga today. 


Today I carved out some time to get off the desk and go back to my old Iyengar teacher/class. I haven't been in MONTHS, and it was like coming home. This is where is all began for me, back at the very beginning of 2015. Painfully slow, and painfully full of discomfort and frustration and ego-stripping inability to do the simplest of things with my body, or my mind to be honest. Even savasana was challenging. Oh how times have changed... you basically have to wrench me out of it these days.

My teacher was, of course, full of little tidbits of advice about modifying now I am nearly entering my third trimester and I generally felt hugely well looked after. I think, I hope I can make returning to these classes more of a priority over the next 3 months.


No asana today.


Another 20min self-practice session. This time sandwiched in between between getting some vaccinations and going out for dinner.  


Morning self-practice in the sunshine with the doors open. Seriously spring could not be more welcome right about now. What felt like over an hour turned out to only be 35min and I did toy with "making the time up" until I remembered that would be absolutely ludicrous. This is what I needed today. Practice is not working out, or punishment, or simply clocking up the minutes. Focus on the quality not the quantity. Well, this is what I had to remind myself of a few times that afternoon!


After yesterday's short day, Sunday turned out to be an embarrassment of riches when it came to time on my mat.

A 75min lunchtime session which totally went against expectations. It felt like a slow, pottering kind of a Sunday. Until I got on my mat. And my warm up was standing poses. And then one-breath-one-pose sun sals came next. And then more standing. Sweaty, pumping practices have NOT been a feature for me over these last 6 months of being pregnant. But today it came out of nowhere. 

And then I still had energy later in the day for another 30min session while dinner was cooking (not by me... I have many talents but none of them are kitchen related!).

  • Self-Practice: 3hrs 
  • Classes: 1hr  
  • TOTAL: 4hrs  
Follow along on my yoga journey with my weekly posts chronicling my yoga practice.
Follow along on my yoga journey with my weekly posts chronicling my yoga practice.