My Yoga History

Getting hit by a van while cycling to work in July 2014 and breaking my collarbone/generally messing up my right shoulder was the catalyst for the start of my yoga journey. But even then it took me a good long while to realise the damage wasn't going to magically undo itself before I got tentatively on a mat. That was in December 2015.

At that point, I could not touch my toes or do a single push up (I have ZERO background in sport/dance/gymnastics). Achieving those two things took me about 6 months of 1-3 classes of Iyengar yoga a week. I started adding vinyasa yoga classes, 1-2 a week, in September 2015, and by May 2016 I started flowing by myself at home. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Check out the "My Yoga Journey" section of my blog to read more about my yoga journey so far...

My Yoga Practice

Currently, my yoga practice is a real mixed bag. Which I love. I attend a mixture of Vinyasa, Iyengar, Rocket yoga classes, though my self-practice is nearly always Vinyasa. At this is where my heart really lies.

I am PASSIONATE about the impact an independent self-practice can have on both your yoga and your life, and creative Vinyasa is the type of yoga that inspires me the most.

Check out the "My Week in Yoga" section of my blog, and my Instagram to keep up to date on what my practice looks like at the moment...

My Yoga Teacher Training

In May 2017 I qualified as a 200hr RYT with the one and only Dylan Werner.  Deciding to take a teacher training was somewhat of a spur of the moment decision, and I went into the training with zero expectations of actually teaching at the end of it. All I knew was that I wanted to learn more about yoga, and from someone who's personal practice and journey deeply inspired me.

Three mind-blowing weeks later and I left the training with commitments to teach when I got home to London.

While I have no plans to teach full time (read the next section to see why!), I am so grateful to say that regular teaching is now a part of my life.

Keep an eye on the Classes & Events section of this site for all the latest, and do reach out via the Contact page to inquire about private classes, arranging workshops, or to discuss me teaching at your studio or event.

My Work

I have a big career in an industry that couldn't be further away from the full-time yoga world. I've spent 10 years working my way into a role I love and plan to spend many more years enjoying the fruits of that labour and continuing along this path, hopefully encountering some new and exciting challenges along the way.

I choose not to speak about my job or the industry that I work in out of respect for my fantastic employer. However, I do want to use whatever platform I have to talk about how it is possible to have big job and a big passion.

How you can not only combine the two, but how they can each serve the other to create a wonderfully broad and balanced life full of light, love, and success. I am better at my job because of yoga, and I am better at my yoga practice because of my job, and I hope I can show you that here.

My Instagram

I took my personal Instagram public in Oct'15 to participate in my first yoga challenge. I had about 250 followers and zero plans or intentions for my account, other than to use it as a tool to inspire me and help improve my practice.

Some 100,000 followers later, and that is exactly how I still think about it, except with the addition of perhaps inspiring others and helping improve their practice too. Because paying it forward is the very least I can do.

Check out my Instagram to see more...

My Cats

Which brings me neatly to the real stars of the show: Noodle and Zeppelin! They are 3-year-old lilac Burmese brother and sister litter mates. Our boy, Zeppelin, is 50% bigger than his sister Noodle, and has green eyes versus her orange-brown. They are the chattiest, friendliest, jumpiest, snuggliest creatures ever and our lives are so much more full of love with their presence in the house. And they LOVE to get on my yoga mat with me and to chew all my yoga props.


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