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I'm Rebecca, aka RAD, aka @somewhat_RAD

I am thirty-something London based Brit whose yoga journey quite literally started with a bang after I was hit by a van while cycling to work in 2015. Broken bones and lots of soft tissue damage ensued and months later when I still couldn't lift my arm above my head, I turned to yoga to heal myself. I had never done any form of movement/dance/gymnastics, couldn't touch my toes or do a press-up, and was (am!) working 60+ hours a week at a desk. You can read more about this in my blog series My Yoga Journey.

It's been a slow and at times tough journey, but now I have a consistent and meaningful yoga practice. My asana practice mostly now consisting of self-practice, at home with my cats, in the snippets of time I can carve out in between work (I have a very full time career in the City) and family life, especially since becoming a mother.

After spending the past 5 years sharing my yoga journey online and truly relying on practicing independently to keep yoga as a constant in my crazy busy life,  I have written everything I have learned into a book.

The Book of Yoga Self Practice is here to help you CREATE and SUSTAIN your very own fulfilling independent yoga practice.

The book grew out of a series of sold-out workshops I taught to enable people to practice yoga all by themselves. I share my own unique method of flowing creatively without a teacher, creating entire practice of any length with zero planning, and how to stay at and develop your practice over the long term. Because having a yoga practice which consistently fits into my very busy life is what truly changed it. And I can help you find the same.

I self-published the book in 2019 with huge success, and in summer 2020 (thanks to Rachel Mills at Rachel Mills Literary and the team at Yellow Kite books), it is now published for real.

The book is available at Amazon and all good UK bookshops in paperback, eBook and audio. Click below to head to Amazon or across to the Yoga Self Practice website to read some of the rave reviews from the self-published version. 

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The Instagram Community

In 2018 I founded the Instagram community Yoga Self Practice. I wanted a place where real people practicing their own real yoga could see themselves represented online: all body types, all races, all practice levels, all genders - which was, and sadly still is, sorely lacking online. 

Yoga Self Practice 

The Website

Find a bunch of free resources - blogs and templates from The Book of Yoga Self Practice - to help you in your journey to practicing yoga independently. As well as reviews of the book and MUCH MUCH more coming soon... 

My Yoga Story

The Blog Series

Want to know where and how it all began? What types of yoga I did at what stage, the injuries I sustained along the way, how and why I decided to do teacher training, and all  about practicing while pregnant.

Click below to see my Instagram feed, or head across to the Blog to see posts on why I got into yoga, how I developed a self-practice, my teacher training, what I'm currently working on, and much much more.

Head to Yoga Self Practice for more resources - the book, blogs, and soon to be much MUCH more - for everything to help you start, create and sustain a fulfilling independent yoga practice.

 And lastly, do reach out via the Contact page to inquire about anything else.

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